“5th World Yoga Cup & Festival"

Note please:  Canadian Yoga association do not take any guarantee or responsibility for the visa process and organisation will not interfare in immigration process. All participants have to satisfy the Canadian immigration to get the visa by their own. Canadian yoga association will only provide a valid official company invitation to participants which may help every participant to prove the visa. 

“Canadian Yoga Association and ”“World Real Yoga Alliance” personally invites all Yoga Leaders of the world to be part our own “World Yoga Festival“ for the first time in Winnipeg, Canada organising by "Canadian Yoga Association" and "World Real Yoga Alliance" on 04-05 May 2020" 

Medals & Prizes

Notes no.2.: 

What make us Different:

1. WINNER of winners of “World Yoga Championship” will honor by “certificates and medals.

2. Jobs opportunities for international market.

3. Tourism opportunities in Canada.


Winners can be shortlisted for “International yoga instructor’s jobs” by Qualifying the interviews sessions by our collaborative Guests.

For details of championship follow the below:


Notes:  Official Invitation Letters to start Canadian visa process will issue to each team or participant only after receiving entry fee.


Entry Fee: $ 500 USD Total

Advance  Donation

entry fee : $50 USD

Non-Refundable optional fee for official invitation is $350USD .

Official Fee : $ 100 USD

All participants or Officials have arrange their own accommodation and food as long their is no promise by inviting guest.

Fee to challenge the Guinness world Record is 200 USD for each attempt.

“On the behalf of "Canadian Yoga Association" World Real Yoga Alliance” personally invites all Yoga Leaders of the world to be part our own “World Yoga Festival“ for the first time in Winnipeg, Canada.



Dear All Yogies

Very first I want to inform you that our festival has approved by “International Federation of sports yoga” and for the blessings “President of International Yoga Federation” Swami Om Murthy Sarasvati from Italy is coming by herself on our request as one of the guest of honour.

About “Canadian Yoga Association” (CYA) is an Canadian yoga non profit organisation under the registration of World Real Yoga Alliance and it is also following the whole duties of WRYA.

About “World Real Yoga Alliance” (WRYA)

“World Real Yoga Alliance” (WRYA) is an International Yoga Organization which has been legally registered in Bulgaria as a NGO according to the law of European union. This Organization works in Bulgaria, France, Serbia, Hongkong, Malaysia, Itely, USA, India, Vietnam, China, South-Korea and many countries of the world. And this is only one Organization which provides opportunities for Yoga Teachers of job in our worldwide branches. Our organization is working on the path to raise funds for establishment of “Free alternative medical research centre” in India and all over the world. We are working for yoga to bring in Olympic as sport by developing a technical judgement machine and trying to raise funds for its expenses.

Motto: “WRYA” understands the needs of students and has a motto to be heart of students by understanding the basic need of students and knows that mainly students require 2 things:

1. Education

“WRYA” provides International standard yoga teacher training courses valid for whole world and also evaluate the Indian and non-Indian Yoga education according to International market standards by issuing the new certificates. Our certificate evaluation is valid in whole world.

2. Jobs:

“WRYA” plays a centre role as thread between students and international yoga companies. It freely helps students to arrange the International yoga jobs by creating platforms for deserving candidates. For example, “WRYA” organises the Yoga events as Yoga Festivals or championships worldwide and invites international fitness managers to shortlist new yoga candidates according to their needs.

“WRYA” is kind of Institution who makes perfect teachers of yoga according to the needs and demands of international market. Mainly all students poor or rich requires to build their own base in yoga for international market according to the standard of society and our organization provides standard education of yoga to prepare to run their own yoga Institute anywhere in the world. We certified them also for those who completes their course from “WRYA” so that they could become registered yoga teacher and they can take advantage to work anywhere in this world.

“WRYA” aims to build a community of yoga teachers, therapists and establishments that have high standards, ethics and are working towards spiritual growth. Franchise opportunities to qualified yoga teachers and establishments can be applied for though the contact page.

World Yoga Festival & Championship

Our organization has successfully organized “1st Asian yoga championship” and “1st Continental yoga championship” in collaboration with “Yoga Federation of India” and “SGS foundation of yoga” in the year of 2011-12. We have also successfully organised our “53rd International Yoga Festival” in 2015 in collaboration with “International Yoga Federation” in Bulgaria. We have successfully organised our  3rd World Yoga Festival” (WYF), “International Yoga Championship” (IYC) in Chandigarh University on 17 to 20 May 2018. 

Recently we have organised "4th  World Yoga Festival” (WYF), “International Yoga Championship” (IYC), “World Yoga Conference” (WYC), “Official Attempt of Guinness Book of World Records” in Sofia, Bulgaria , Europe.

This time we are please to announce that 5th World yoga cup will take place in Canada on 5 to 6 Feb.2020.



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