Paramjot Singh Khalsa
Tel: +49 152 221 74370
In-charge “Yoga Alliance Germany”
member of world body of W.R.Y.A.
“Yoga Alliance Germany”, –

About Paramjot :

Paramjot was born in Thailand from an Indian family. At a very young age, he was interested in Vipasana meditation and spirituality which then led him to yoga , meditation and healing. He spent a lot of time learning the art of meditation from traditions  like buddhism, sikh, vedic and zen.

He was running a successful business in Thailand yet he felt something was missing until he found kundalini yoga. He decided to walk the yogic path in order to get connected with the inner self and share teachings around the world.

Paramjot is a natural born healer,

businessman, counselor, therapist and a yogi,  who has studied and experienced in depth these technologies from India and Thailand. He is a certified kundalini yoga teacher / therapist and a teacher of ancient eastern yogic technology.

He was part of the 3HO organization in Asia which runs the kundalini yoga community and festival in Asia. He is specialized in teaching people recovering from addictions. He has been working at a 12-step based addiction rehab in Thailand  for 4 years and now works together with Sat Dharam Kaur from Canada as a trainer of Beyond Addiction Program for Europe. At the same time he has created Touch of Soul Recovery program and he is passionate to share this to anyone suffering from their addictive behavior.

Paramjot worked as a yoga, meditation & life-style therapist for Six Sense Resort in Thailand, and other leading resorts in Maldives and is now expanding this yogic hoslistic wellbeing program to many leading resorts around the world.

Paramjot & Param Dhyan’s style of teaching is direct to the point and powerful yet it brings the student into a very calm, joyous and meditative state of mind. The mind becomes clear and a deep transformation starts to happen within.

Their works includes ;

  • Working with people through counseling, kundalini yoga & meditation. Guiding them though problems in life which may include drugs, family problems , structuring your life and directions.

  • Diet (Nutrition) / Lifestyle counseling.

  • Addiction Recovery Program based on Yogic Practice and Naturo-pathy.

  • Regression Therapy

  • Working with Cancer and HIV patients.

  • Overcoming stress , depression and burnout, fear and insecurities.

  • Relationship tantric workshop – getting through problems between man and woman.

  • Massage and healing into a deeper level to clear the body , mind and spirit.

  • Acupuncture , reflexology and pressure points healing.

  • Bhangra dance to release the blockage in the body. Bhangra is an energetic North Indian dance with includes a lot of movements to music.

  • Healing through mantra singing, sound healing and gong.

  • Touch of Soul Spa Training Program based on ancient yogic holistic and well-being technology.

  • Corporate Yoga & Team building – empowering human resources in the corporate world.