W.R.Y.A. Team

World real Yoga Alliance is No.1 organization who took responsibility to certify the correct and real yoga teachers for the safety of society in world so that people so not have any misunderstanding from the traditional art of yoga. This WRYA has organized under the law of European Union. World real yoga alliance has organized by big community of Bulgarian people who has given its all technical responsibilities to Dr. Aman Sood who  has a good education (PH.d in yoga) and world wide experience in many multinational yoga companies and organizations to lead this organization. Many other highly educated yoga teachers are also part of our team to aware the world with correct traditional balance art of yoga by their experience and Niskaam karmas. Lets unite our self with team of World real yoga alliance as to clear the team of yoga as “unite”. Our certified real yoga teachers are completely eligible to teach every part of world like all Asia, Europe, America and Australia. Our certificate is registered with the safety stander of “Yoga World health organization”. Our all courses are also connected with more therapy part for safety of students those devote themselves to a yoga teacher.